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The final and very best MashUp Show ever

Like earlier mentioned the MashUp Show will come to an end.
It was the very first internet radioshow and podcast for Soca and Caribbean music. Plus the very first show for World Bass / Tropical – years before the genre came into existance.
I am not even sure when it exactly started.. I guess somewhere around 2003 (our archive-guy and irc-logger Frosch might help us out here), first on my own server, than later on streamed via streamguys/rastamusic, and bigvibes. Since 2005 the show is hosted on the mighty .
The first shows I did on my own, but soon Mudds (of Constant Pressure Supa Soca, one of the legendary soca sounds in Germany) joined the show. Since we were hosted on Raggakings, it turned to a weekly show with podcast download.
In October 2005 Hendrik joined the show.
Mudds left the MashUp Show in 2008, and Danny joined the team.

We had a lot of fun the last years, many litres of rum went dung our thirsty throats. Anyway, thank you to all listeners for patience and love! Special bigup to the IRC-Chat Posse on #dhm and #raggakings.
There will be an archive with all available shows soon – I’ll keep you posted.

So here is the deal: on 2st of Jan. there will be a final show with Hendrik, Danny and myself (hey Mudds, come over we have cold drinks!). It will be a best-of show with our greatest anthems.

01/02, 1800h CET on

Please request your favourite tune here in the comments section – show us your MashUp Show nerd skills..

5 replies on “The final and very best MashUp Show ever”

I have listen to this podcast for over 3yrs now and have never left a comment until now. I have to admit that I first thought you all were speaking Dutch it took a few months to realize I was hearing German. I just never imagined that Germans would be doing the only Soca music show on the web!! I just wanted to say thanks for all the good vibes, I've always loved the fact that the guys didn't just give us Trini or Bajan tunes but you really mixed it up over the years some shows on French Caribbean styles such as Zouk and others editions on islands such St. Vincent and Grenada carnivals you guys simply did it all even Reggaeton wasn't often limits. So big up to all and know you will be missed. Happy New Year and all the best to what you do in the future!!

Thanks for your comment, Dee. Glad you liked our show.
We were always feeling that it might be an advantage so see Caribbean music from an outsider view without family links to one of the islands. Fact is that we love music from all islands, so why not playing it.

For your final show can I hear the Chutney remix of “Girl You Ready”? Looking forward to the last show but really sad to see you guys go.

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