Tropicality: new project by Danny Scrilla and MarflixOne

A week ago MashUp Crew members Danny Scrilla and MarflixOne launched their new live-producing project Tropicality in Hamburg. Tropicality means live mixing all musical influences like Soca / Caribbean, Kuduro, Baile Funk, Dubstep, Gypsy etc to a new thing. Like Jazz it is 100% improvisation. See the whole show on vimeo: Download the audio (medium […]


Crookers feat. MC Dandao – Soca Ali Baba (Ring De Iron Remix)

Since I didn’t make into the top 4 (congratulations to our man Tim Turbo at this point) of the man recordings crookers remix contest I decided to post my remix here (otherwise it would get dusty on my harddrive anyway). Crookers – Soca Ali Baba (Ring De Iron Remix) D.S.

Podcast Show

MashUp Plus 2009-03-02

Host: Marflix This week we start with some new samba-ish Baile Funk tunes, heading over to new kanavals from Haiti 2009 with Kreol La (La Ri A Cho), Sweet Micky (Lage 2 Gidon), Carimi (Zandolit), Krezi Mizik (Vinn Pile’l) plus 2007 winner tune by Djakout Mizik (Manifeste). Plus the roadmarch tunes of Trinidad 2009 season: […]


Weekend Wobble – 2009-01-17

Another nice live recording of our radioshow last saturday night in case you missed it. Rockin all-styles: Grime, HipHop, Dubstep, Baile Funk, Electro, Soca, African, Zouk,.. 0:01h – Tim Turbo 0:28h – Danny Scrilla 0:57h – Marflix 1:31h – Tim Turbo 2:08h – Danny Scrilla 2:33h – Marflix podcast [190MB | 3h]