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There will be no MashUp Show in the coming weeks. We might post be some occational podcasts, so keep updated. The good news is: we are working on a new live project and do a lot of production work for that. Check out Danny Scrilla’s new dubstep ep meanwhile..

Podcast Show

MashUp Plus 2009-03-02

Host: Marflix This week we start with some new samba-ish Baile Funk tunes, heading over to new kanavals from Haiti 2009 with Kreol La (La Ri A Cho), Sweet Micky (Lage 2 Gidon), Carimi (Zandolit), Krezi Mizik (Vinn Pile’l) plus 2007 winner tune by Djakout Mizik (Manifeste). Plus the roadmarch tunes of Trinidad 2009 season: […]


Turmoil & TTT

Danny Scrilla won the february showcase on and the fellows over there also featured the Tim Turbo Thursday #13 containing approximately 44 minutes of remixes and productions by Danny Scrilla.


free tune: Day and Night Scrilla Dubstep RMX

Get a new remix by Danny Scrilla: Kid Cudy “Day and Night” (Danny Scrilla Dubstep RMX)