Danny Scrilla – Tim Turbo Thursday #13

Danny Scrilla took over the TTT, but read yourself:

Hi kids, its your banging donk Tim Turbo, with a little help of a friend.

Actually the friend goes by the name of Danny Scrilla of the notorious MashUp Crew and did the whole Tim Turbo Thursday of today all alone. As if that hadn’t been enuff, he only played remixes and productions done by himself. You’re about to witness the strenght of Danny Scrillas work.

What do you need to know about Danny? Well, he is part of Berlins MashUp Crew, a true connoisseur of UK club music and a upcoming Dubstep producer. His first EP will hit the raves on the 6th March 2009, its brimful with hard wobbling riddims and you’ll get a extra-exclusive prelisten about the end of todays Tim Turbo Thursday

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Danny Scrilla - TTT #13
Danny Scrilla - TTT #13

01 Destra – Wine Funky Now (Scrilla Refix)
02 Maskinen – Alla Som Inte Dansar (Scrilla’s I Don’t Give a Shit Refix)
03 Lady Saw & Cecile – Loser (Scrilla’s Broken Rubber Refix)
04 Danny Scrilla – Tottering
05 Beenie Man – Hmm Hmm (Scrilla’s Unruly Simon Remix)
06 Kanye West & Estelle – American Boy (Scrilla Remix)
07 Danny Scrilla – D.I.S.C.O.
08 Bounty Killer vs. Busy Signal – Body Body Medley (Scrilla Remix)
09 Dawg E. Slaughter – Feelin’ Nice (Scrilla Remix)
10 Luddy – Run (Scrilla’s Oildrum Refix)
11 TOK vs. Rudekid – Scrilla’s Alien Defense Remix
12 Danny Scrilla – Heartbroken
13 Donae’o – Raving (Scrilla Remix)
14 Danny Scrilla – Scrilla
15 Danny Scrilla – Turmoil
16 Danny Scrilla – Bane
17 Danny Scrilla – Levitate
18 Danny Scrilla – Guess Who
19 Danny Scrilla – Hail To The King
20 Danny Scrilla – 18 Inch Woofer
21 Danny Scrilla – Cuss Cuss
22 Danny Scrilla – Fallout
23 Danny Scrilla – Sublow
24 Danny Scrilla – Shatter
25 Danny Scrilla – Bittersweet