Tim Turbo Thursday #34 – Guest: Danny Scrilla & DJ OneDrop


Wha’s gwaanin’, fam? It’s Tim Turbo Thursday!

It’s all bout UK Funky, Dubstep and Lazers on today’s guestmix by Danny Scrilla and DJ OneDrop. The former should be well known to you, as he is something like a regular over here on TTT already and an upcoming German Funky producer plus my partner in crime for most of my last DJ shows (and a US tour in August). The second guy should be well known from the ingenious mixtape series “UK Funky Vol.1-3” and he also used to run the Rise And Shine Soundsystem with Danny and some other great guys for years.

You see, they know how to go bonkers, go with them.

Tim Turbo Thursday #34