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MashUp Crew on Tropical Heat


Marflix and Danny Scrilla made a guestmix for the Tropical Heat radio show on Byte.fm which was broadcasted on tuesday.

You can grab both of the one hour long mixes via the Tropical Heat blog or directly here at the MashUp Crew blog.

download Marflix part (direct)

Jaques Schwarz-Bart & Admiral T – Pé la
Marcelo Cruz – Latin Soul Remix
Crazy Cousins – Bongo Jam (Skepta Remix)
DJ Cleo – I approve
Ghislain Poirier – Enemies feat. Face T.
QQ – Tek (Bongo Disco Remix)
Jusa Dementor – African Air Horn Dance
Footprint – Funky Rag
Scottie B & King Tutt — African Chant (Top Billin remix)
Buraka – Aqui para voce Manaia Remix
Dama S. – Danse avec moi (Kuduro)
Batida – Batida aquario
Puto Prata – Zuata Zuata
Os Prolatrios – Triba
Uproot Andy & Geko Jones – Manuelita RMX
Marcia Vitor & Dogg Murras – Toda Bao RMX
Nigel, Jose & Kakle – Soca Alien
Slaughter – Staggering RMX
Lil Rick – Girls gone wild
Boca Na Tshon DJ Version
Puto X – Kity Manera
Notch – Que Te Pica (Miami Booty Remix)
Maluca – El Tigeraso (Orginal)
Backyardloops – Was feierst du? (Dubplate)

download Danny Scrilla part (direct)

Danny Scrilla – Heavyweight
Vato Gonzalez – Badman Riddim
Emvee – Nocturnal
Clubfoot ft. Illy – Simon Says
Footsteps – Worker
Sweet Boy Candy – Tipsy Talk
Douster – King of Africa
Boy 8-bit – A Town Under Siege (Danny Scrilla Remix)
Skream – Midnight Request Line (Danny Scrilla Remix)
Skream – Midnight Request Line
Noah D ft. Einstein – Killing Time
Dread Foxx – Kingston Dub
N-type and The Others – Technophobe
The Prodigy – Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
The Others – Africa VIP
Benga – Buzzin
Phokus & Mr. Boogie – The Infect
Danny Scrilla – Out There
Caper – Hybrid
Lethal B. – Go Hard (DJ Q Remix)
Mr. Virgo – Hypnotiq
TRC ft. Recneps – Bumbaclaat Yardie
Emvee ft. Trilla – Showa Bunga
The Heavy – How You Like Me Now? (Joker Radio Edit)
The Others – Splinter In My Soul

Tim Turbo Thursday #37 with guest Marflix

Here’s a little mix by Marflix for the popular TTT podcast – have fun:

While agent Turbo is on a secret mission with agent Scrilla, Marflix (from the soca label Faluma / MashUp Crew) takes the opportunity to leave Ahgwaanistan and bless the TTT hipster crowd with pure madness. Fresh tunes from the heat of the Caribbean: nuff Soca, Bass and Carnival vibes here, spiced with Dubstep,
Merengue, House, yellow peppa sauce and a bottle of Fernandez Black Label Rum.

Tim Turbo Thursday is a weekly DJ mix podcast hosted and curated by Tim Turbo. He selects and performs and invites handpicked guests on a regular basis.

Download (60mb)

Danny Scrilla was featured on TTT a few weeks back – see here.

Tim Turbo Thursday #37 - guest DJ: MarflixOne

Dj One Drop UK Funky Double Feature!

It’s been some time since I posted the first part of Dj One Drop’s “What You Call it? UK Funky” series. But don’t worry, he is back and better than ever! I kind of missed out posting part 2 “Let’s Get Deeper” which is whirring through the net for a couple of month. I’ll make up for that now not only by giving you part 2 but also by dropping part 3 “Kingstonflavour” exclusively for the MashUp Crew blog! (remember where you got it first!)
While part 2 continues strictly funky part 3 takes a different approach by blending jamaican bashment with UK funky music (by the way…this installment comes with a fancy Audiobook for your iPhone/iPod touch). As you probably already assumed this works out more than perfectly. Don’t miss it…essential stuff!!!
Enough gibberish for now…let the music talk for itself!

Part 2 “Let’s Get Deeper”:


01. Intro – Monday is Bongo Day!
02. Skepta – Sunglasses At Night [DJ Naughty Funky Mix]
03. Ill Blu ft. Hoodzee – Rider [Special]
04. Perempay & Dee – Buss It
05. Fuzzy Logic – Twiss
06. Attacca Pesante – Sparta 09
07. Zest – Jump In The Middle & Skank
08. Free – Tribal Skankers
09. Gracious K – Migraine Skank
10. Coldsteps & Hector – On Dis Ting
11. Sweet Boy Candy – Bongo Boy
12. Lil’Silva – Seasons
13. OneDrop & Unknown – Funky Strings [Sample Rebuild Remix]
14. Sweet Boy Candy – Tipsy Talk
15. Dotstar – Stick Up [Special]
16. Lil’Silva – Burning
17. Funky D – Funk It
18. Kid Cudi – Day & Night [Danny Scrilla Electro-Funky Hybrid Remix]
19. N.B Funky – You
20. Funky D – Overdrive
21. DJ Naughty – Quicktime
22. Sweet Boy Candy – Rodeo
23. Geeneus – Yellowtail
24. Hard House Banton – Sirens
25. Emvee – Glitch
26. Danny Scrilla – Fuzzy

What You Call It – UK Funky 2

Part 3 “Kingstonflavour”:


01. Danny Scrilla ft. Coldsteps – Rise&Shine [Special]
02. Danny Scrilla ft. Terry Lynn – Kingstonlogic [Special]
03. Busy Signal – Tic Toc [GreenMoney Remix]
04. Donaeo, Rubi Dan & Danny English – Party Harder [The Heatwave Refix]
05. Doctor – Funky Dancehall
06. Shystie – Pull It [Ill Blu Funky Remix]
07. Aggi Dukes – I’m On This Ting
08. Boy Better Know – Too Many Man
09. Sticky ft. Marvin Brown – Jack It Up
10. K.I.G – Bringing It Down
11. Rymez ft. Jusa – African Air Horn Dance
12. PatRizzla – Funky Medley [Jumeirah Riddim by Sticky][Special]
13. Dirtee Drama – Somebody Move [Jumeirah Riddim by Sticky]
14. Danny Scrilla – Funky Optimus Prime [Special]
15. Crazy Cousinz – Inflation
16. Crazy Cousinz ft. Aidonia – Bounce
17. Smasher – The Weekend [Fugitive Riddim by Sticky]
18. Lady Chann – Yuh Eye Too Fast [Fugitive Riddim by Sticky]
19. Maxwell D – Txt Txt Txt [Fugitive Riddim by Sticky]
20. Swift Jay – Barefoot
21. T Boy – Don’t Jealous Me
22. Loco – Gallop
23. FootSteps ft. Vybz Kartel – Sweet To The Belly [Funky Remix]
24. Twizzle – Skydiving [GreenMoney “In Tha Sky” Remix]
25. DJ Mystery – Changes
26. Blackstar Productions – Slow Down

Audiobook for iPhone/iPod touch



MarflixOne – BBQ Mix 2009-05-23

A quick livemix to fire up your BBQ this weekend.. some groovy Soca, Funky and Bass between 120-140bpm – all new tunes. Enjoy!

download (65min/ 62mb)

Danny Scrilla – Tim Turbo Thursday #13

Danny Scrilla took over the TTT, but read yourself:

Hi kids, its your banging donk Tim Turbo, with a little help of a friend.

Actually the friend goes by the name of Danny Scrilla of the notorious MashUp Crew and did the whole Tim Turbo Thursday of today all alone. As if that hadn’t been enuff, he only played remixes and productions done by himself. You’re about to witness the strenght of Danny Scrillas work.

What do you need to know about Danny? Well, he is part of Berlins MashUp Crew, a true connoisseur of UK club music and a upcoming Dubstep producer. His first EP will hit the raves on the 6th March 2009, its brimful with hard wobbling riddims and you’ll get a extra-exclusive prelisten about the end of todays Tim Turbo Thursday

download podcast

Danny Scrilla - TTT #13

Danny Scrilla - TTT #13

01 Destra – Wine Funky Now (Scrilla Refix)
02 Maskinen – Alla Som Inte Dansar (Scrilla’s I Don’t Give a Shit Refix)
03 Lady Saw & Cecile – Loser (Scrilla’s Broken Rubber Refix)
04 Danny Scrilla – Tottering
05 Beenie Man – Hmm Hmm (Scrilla’s Unruly Simon Remix)
06 Kanye West & Estelle – American Boy (Scrilla Remix)
07 Danny Scrilla – D.I.S.C.O.
08 Bounty Killer vs. Busy Signal – Body Body Medley (Scrilla Remix)
09 Dawg E. Slaughter – Feelin’ Nice (Scrilla Remix)
10 Luddy – Run (Scrilla’s Oildrum Refix)
11 TOK vs. Rudekid – Scrilla’s Alien Defense Remix
12 Danny Scrilla – Heartbroken
13 Donae’o – Raving (Scrilla Remix)
14 Danny Scrilla – Scrilla
15 Danny Scrilla – Turmoil
16 Danny Scrilla – Bane
17 Danny Scrilla – Levitate
18 Danny Scrilla – Guess Who
19 Danny Scrilla – Hail To The King
20 Danny Scrilla – 18 Inch Woofer
21 Danny Scrilla – Cuss Cuss
22 Danny Scrilla – Fallout
23 Danny Scrilla – Sublow
24 Danny Scrilla – Shatter
25 Danny Scrilla – Bittersweet

MarflixOne – Everyday Madness 2.09

New episode of the madness series.. let’s just call it Everyday Madness, cause it is madness everyday. New bassy tunes from the rave-and-remix blogosphere..
This time we move from Bmore to House to Bassline to Soca… have fun.

download podcast | mirror (sharebee)

1. Zingone & Nina – Kick it (Stereoheroes)
2. Defunct! – Flashy Fidget Fame
3. DJ Class & Lil Jon – I’m the Ish RMX
4. Finger and Kadel – Mana Mana (2-4 Grooves Remix)
5. Mr Oizo – Lams Anger (Noise Floor Crews Tribute to Flat Eric Remix)
6. Dance Area – AA 24/7 (Diplo Remix)
7. Gel Abril – Spells of Yoruba (Tactic Edit)
8. Tittsworth – WTF Smoke & Mirrors Remix
9. Ghislain Poirier feat. MC Zulu – Go Balistic! (Wildlife Re-Rub)
10. MiKiX The Cat – Wuz
11. Footsteps – Funky Rag
12. Ghislain Poirier feat. Face-T – Blazin’ (Starkey Remix)
13. Mr Virgo & J.M.E. – Boy better know (Shut your mout)
14. DJ Q & MC Bones – Back it up
15. Mr Slaughter – Staggering
16. Ghislain Porier feat Mr Slaughter – Get Mad
16. Roy Cape All Stars – Tusty


older episodes:
11.08 | 01.09

Scrilla’s UK Blend #2

Here comes the second part of Danny Scrilla‘s podcast series plenty of bassy dubstep, bassline, grime and funky tunes.


Lilly Allen – The Fear (the count saves lilly from the fear remix)
Rusko – 2 N A Q
Danny Scrilla – Turmoil
Skream – Fick
Hatcha & Benga – 10 Tons Heavy
Flowdan, Warrior Queen & The Bug  – Poison Dart (stampin’remix)
Donae’o – Ravin’ (Danny Scrilla remix)
Zibba – Thinking About You
Alex Mills – Beyond Words (Wittyboy remix)
Paleface – Bongojam Slugs
JME – Ju Ju
Dizzee Rascal – Paranoid
Wiley, Rage, Esco, Jammer, Godsgift – 16 Bar Ralley
Kano – Hustler
T2 – Butterflies
Danny Scrilla – heartbroken 2009
Donae’o & The Princess – Party Hard (remix)
Crazy Cousins & Mc Versatile – Funky Anthem
Aquasky & The Ragga Twins – Give It Up

bubbely bubbely

bubbely bubbely

Podcast: Scrillas UK Blend

New tracks by Danny Scrilla

New tracks on fairtilizer by MashUp Crew producer Danny Scrilla:

Hail to the king” is a reggae influenced dubstep track which is going to be released on Danny Scrilla’s debut-ep this February.

Wine Funky” is a funky remix of Destra’s hit ‘Wine it’.

Give it a try – add it, comment it, spread it! 🙂

Scrilla’s UK blend

This new podcast series hosted by danny scrilla focuses on UK club music in terms of dubstep, grime, bassline, funky house, garage…whatever you wanna call it!

Host: Danny Scrilla


Danny Scrilla – Hail to the King
Rusko – Hornz Cru
Caspa & Rusko – King George
Skream – Blue Eyez
Rusko – Mr. Chips
TC – wheres my money (caspa remix)
Benga – E trips
The Bug feat. Killa P & Flowdan – Skeng
Kano – i like it
UKG Allstars – the message (smasher remix)
Benga & Coki – night (geeneus remix)
K.I.G. – head, shoulders, knees, and toes
paleface & kayla – do you mind
crazy cousins & leo – do you mind rmx
destra garcia – wine funky (scrilla refix)
wiley & hotchip – step by step
Boy Better Know – too many man

Download: 30,0 MB | 32:52 minutes