MashUp Crew is…
.. a dj and producer crew with the members:

Marflix (Berlin) | twitter
Hendrik (Berlin)
Danny Scrilla (Berlin)

ex members:

Mudds & Constant Pressure Supa Soca

honoris causa:

Jammers Collective
Haitian Star

record releases on Faluma, Bacchanalism and Dingolay Music.

Mash up places and bring pure carnival vibes. Our home is the bacchanal.
MashUp Crew DJs are versatile, you might find them outside the bacchanalist circles.. head over to their websites and see what’s jogging.

The MashUp Show Plus
(Not so) weekly radio show and podcast for Soca / Calypso / Caribbean music and Tropical Bass / World Clash music hosted by MashUp Crew (Berlin/Landshut). The radioshow is broadcasted on Raggakings Radio. Est. 2003.