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The final and very best MashUp Show ever

Like earlier mentioned the MashUp Show will come to an end.
It was the very first internet radioshow and podcast for Soca and Caribbean music. Plus the very first show for World Bass / Tropical – years before the genre came into existance.
I am not even sure when it exactly started.. I guess somewhere around 2003 (our archive-guy and irc-logger Frosch might help us out here), first on my own server, than later on streamed via streamguys/rastamusic, and bigvibes. Since 2005 the show is hosted on the mighty .
The first shows I did on my own, but soon Mudds (of Constant Pressure Supa Soca, one of the legendary soca sounds in Germany) joined the show. Since we were hosted on Raggakings, it turned to a weekly show with podcast download.
In October 2005 Hendrik joined the show.
Mudds left the MashUp Show in 2008, and Danny joined the team.

We had a lot of fun the last years, many litres of rum went dung our thirsty throats. Anyway, thank you to all listeners for patience and love! Special bigup to the IRC-Chat Posse on #dhm and #raggakings.
There will be an archive with all available shows soon – I’ll keep you posted.

So here is the deal: on 2st of Jan. there will be a final show with Hendrik, Danny and myself (hey Mudds, come over we have cold drinks!). It will be a best-of show with our greatest anthems.

01/02, 1800h CET on

Please request your favourite tune here in the comments section – show us your MashUp Show nerd skills..

Our 2009 best-of and most-read

This January we started this blog on a new domain, moving from the old site. The year is almost done – time to have a look at our top articles.

2009 was the year of UK Funky and it is no surprise that our most read articles were Funky – related. The mix-series by DJ One Drop “What do u call it UK Funky” (initial mix here, pack of all here was downloaded like crazy (we stopped counting at 25’000). DJ One Drop is member of Danny Scrilla’s crew Rize’n’Shine and was featured here as a guestmix.
More interesting guest mixes: Danny and Marflix on the show “Tropical Heat” and Marflix at TimTurboThursday #37 and #49.

This year was also a good year for productions and remixes – like the awarded dubstep remix of “Hold the line“, a soca remix of “Soca Alibaba” or Danny’s notorious “Ultraviolence” or his beautifull remix of “Like Crystal“.
The new live band of Danny and Marflix – Tropicality – had it’s first appearence at the dhm linkup in Hamburg, and the video of the show made it to #10 of our most read articles list. Speaking of projects: the Lazerdaze flew over the ocean and toured the US during a burning hot summer.

The Berlin carnival “Karneval der Kulturen” is always a important date for the crew.. no surprise our carnival edition of the MashUp Show made it to one of the most downloaded shows. Also the video of this years anthem “Was feierst du?” and the video of our band “Carnival Explosion” had many viewers.

We also had many nice radioshows – listed by popularity: 07-06 (Madness from head to toe – the summer carnivals), 08-24 (Coupé Decalé, Kuduro, Funana), 09-21 (Soca and Kuduro), 06-08 (Soca – summer carnivals), 07-27 (Soca – more summer carnivals), 10-26 (Keep the bumpers rollin – groovy soca edition), 11-30 (Soca, Funky and Parang), and of course the latest show with brand new 2010 soca 12-14. Earlier this year we had a very special guest in our show – Face T from Canada.
Unfortunatly this is the last year of the MashUp Show. After more than 5 years of Soca plus X – podcast series it is time for something new. There will be a last 4h-best-of show on 30th (tba). Anyway we still will bring you fresh music at, doh worry!

Danny Scrilla dubstep remix in Spex Top 50 of the year

The German music and pop culture magazine Spex has Danny Scrilla‘s dubstep remix of ‘Hold the line’ by Major Lazer (download it here) in their list of the Top 50 Songs of 2009. This is btw the only bootleg remix in the listing! Congratulations!

Danny Scrilla myspace
Danny Scrilla – Scrilla (official EP)

MashUp Plus 2009-12-14

Brandnew groovy and jump-up 2010 Soca from Trinidad.
Host: Marflix

This week we are celebrating our legendary annual MashUp Crew / Faluma christmas fete:
18.12.2009 / 22:00h
Flo Club in Berlin [maps]


mashupshow 12-2009

Mudds & Marflix – We parangin (2005)

Trinidad & Tobago has it’s very own christmas music – parang – which came from Venezuela to the twin islands and merged there with soca and calypso. Our Parang mixcd from 2005 features parang soca, classic parang and some parranda from Venezuela.

“We Parangin” – the soca soundsystems from Germany “BeatCamp” and ” Constant Pressure Supasoca” (later fusioned to MashUp Crew) present you a nice selection of caribbean christmas soca & traditionals.
Mixed by Mudds and Marflix.

we parangin

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MashUp Plus 2009-11-30

New 2010 soca, some soca bass and funky productions by Danny Scrilla, and a rumbo parang session.
Host: Danny Scrilla & Marflix

Download (180mb / 2:05h)

MashUp Plus 20091130 cover